Steffan Surdek - Professional speaker, author, coach
Steffan Surdek – Professional speaker, author, coach

Most of the videos in the posts below come from live audio or video recordings of presentations that I made over the past few years.

Here are reasons why you want me to speak at your next event:

  • It is not just another presentation, it is an interactive conversation with the audience
  • Hear real-life stories and examples pulled from years of experiences with my consulting clients
  • Customized session content before the event based on your needs
  • Thought provoking sessions that expand the participants perspectives

I am a passionate storyteller and I fill my talks with real-life stories from my experiences in consulting and training engagements with my clients. After delivering hundreds of hours of talks and training courses, I developed a presentation style that is interactive and feels more like a conversation with the audience rather than just having a speaker on-stage delivering his material.

Feel free to reach out to chat about co-creative leadership, talk about having me speak at your next event, or any other interesting reason you can think of!


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