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At Surdek Solutions, we believe in contributing to a greater cause and making a difference. We do this by cultivating collaborative purposeful organizations.

We help companies build collaborative and engaging cultures. We believe using Agile and Lean values and methodologies. We treat our clients as close partners. We care very deeply about their success as well as the development and growth of their employees.

How we work with management teams

Through coaching, we help executive and teams become more collaborative, functional and aligned. We help management teams align their perspectives. We teach them how to lead their teams through change in a systemic and organic way.

Through our training courses and workshops, we teach leaders to become more collaborative. We create spaces that allow them to reflect on their leadership styles. We also help them develop more self-awareness. We challenge them on what they perceive as possible and help them see new possibilities.

How we work with teams

Through coaching, we help teams discover and create their emergent purpose. We work with them as their accountability partner to guide and coach them to reach their goal. We enable the missing conversations to provoke new possibilities. We inspire people to work collaboratively towards their shared purpose.

Through our training courses and workshops, we help teams to work more collaboratively. We teach them agile practices as well as how to communicate better.

Who we work with

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes. We have experience with companies in the telecom, insurance, aviation industries. We also worked with web agencies as well as companies delivering commercial software.

Our clients are looking to enhance their organizational cultures and develop their leaders. They may not know how to do this but they are willing to invest their time and energy doing it.

Please use our contact form to reach out to us to explore how we can help you and your organization!

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